Woodstock Public Art Project: Park the Art


Calendar: Proposals are due April 30, 2018.

Announcement of Artists will be by May 16th.

Installment of the first piece by the artist will be between June 1th to June 5th, depending on the weather. Separate artist’s works will be selected for the months of June, July, August, and September for a total of four separate creations.


Submission: by email, including a short description of intent, accompanying diagram/drawing, and notation of any month that might not work for you.

Send your e-mail to: woodstockpublicart@gmail.com


Submission fee of $20 total for 1- 5 ideas. Please write your check to “The Town of Woodstock” with “Trust and Agency account for parking lot art” on the memo line.

Send your check to: Town of Woodstock, 47 Comeau Drive, Woodstock, N.Y. 12498




Woodstock, NY has been a colony of the arts for over a hundred years with art, crafts, music, cultural festivals, and nature. We are seeking entries for a public art project by four different artists, one each for the months of June through September. This project involves inscribing a large central gravel parking area with about 1.5 acres of useable space as if it were a huge black board with a drawing/diagram of the artist’s invention. Such a diagram would be enacted with crushed white limestone chalk from a roller of the type used for sports fields (see more info below). The design could consider the site, the surrounding nature, culture, and/or engagement with the public. Visual modalities are open from abstract to patterned, referential, and semiotic markings. Parcels, or the whole space could be used. It would be open day and night to an appreciative visiting public. (At high season daily, there are hundreds of visitors to Woodstock). We only ask that the content be non-political, without specific words, and suitable for any age. The piece will have its own life subject to weather and public use of the large lot. A posting at the entrance bridge will announce the artist and perhaps a title for each month. There will be a gala public ribbon-cutting opening and regional publicity.


Practical matters.

Artists need to work out their own transportation to the site for installation of the piece. We shall provide dry line marker, plenty of field chalk, and a friendly orientation to the site and the town.


The field chalk is the same material used to create lines for soccer or baseball games and is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The marker creates 2” lines as the artist walks around and releases the chalk onto the ground.


The parking lot is off Rock City Road in the Town of Woodstock, NY. The site can be viewed at Google maps. Put in Woodstock, N.Y. and zoom in until you can see Tinker Street and Rock City road. Scroll slightly north along Rock City road. You will see The Colony on the right and Mountain View Studio on the left. The parking lot is between those two landmarks. If you switch to satellite, you will see a photo depicting the gravel lot with some cars parked in a line and a few big trucks that happened to be there when the photo was taken. There is no overnight parking so the lot is empty in the early mornings.


This spring, before June, the lot will be upgraded with new gravel, natural planting, and two horizontal rows of low split rail fences in the center to demarcate the parking line-up. If you submit, you will need to keep this in mind as you imagine your piece.


Thanks for your interest.


Woodstock Public Art Project

Director: Gay Leonhardt, Artist/Activist

Juror: Sara Lynn Henry, PhD. Independent Curator and Professor Emerita, Drew University.